Cabral Law Case Study

A criminal lawyer who was struggling to get leads on a consistent basis. See how we generate predictable leads on a daily basis.

The Results Are In

Our team created a fresh campaign from the ground up only focusing on practice areas that we wanted to pursue. This enabled us to eliminate all wasted spend and pay for ourselves in the first month.

Within the first 30 days Cabral Law generated over 50 high quality leads that are exactly the types of clients they needed.

Here's How We Did It

- Custom Designed Landing Pages
- Competitor Research
- Single Keyword Ad Groups
- Continual Ad Copy A/B Testing
- Geo-targeting Granularity
- Call Tracking & Proper ReportingCabral law came to us because they were working with a national marketing firm and were seeing very poor results. They were getting a few leads a week, but it was for everything but criminal law.

  • High Quality Leads Per Month Minimum
  • Decrease In Cost
    Per Click
  • Increase in
    Conversion Rates

2019 Is The Time For Your Law Firm To
Experience Rapid & Sustainable Growth

Our team understands the legal industry and what it takes
for lawyers to dominate their local market.