Cabral Law Case Study

A criminal lawyer who was struggling to get leads on a consistent basis. See how we generate predictable leads on a daily basis.

The Results Are In

Cabral was struggling to get consistent leads that were relevant to criminal law. They used a nationwide marketing firm that were bringing in leads, but the wrong leads.

We first restructured all of the campaigns to be highly granular to traffic cases with a strong focus on driving under suspension cases. We now drive 45+ leads every month that are highly targeted

In less than 30 days the campaign was producing leads that were closing turning their marketing around.

Here's How We Did It

- Custom Designed Landing Pages
- Facebook remarketing
- Competitor Research
- Single Keyword Ad Groups
- Continual Ad Copy A/B Testing
- Geo-targeting Granularity
- Call Tracking & Proper Reporting

  • High Quality Leads Per Month Minimum
  • Decrease In Cost
    Per Click
  • Increase in
    Conversion Rates

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